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This is the stuff I’m working on right now. I will update it as it changes. Don’t expect detailed list items, that way it’s longer relevant…

NameReminder post mortem


TLDR; I made an app to solve my own problem. It was not profit oriented. Took ~4 weeks as a side project. Apple rejected it. I decided to…

You dont need JWT to authenticate users


.. because you probably have two use cases: as a user I want to invalidate a specific session, without signing out all my devices as the…

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The wip.chat


I want to share this site with you, because it can help you to focus on one thing and ship it faster. You basically build a product in the open. Share todos, list finished items, add your products and get access to the Telegram member chat.



Work on your habits by tick off an item every day. It helps! The price is fair at currently 12$ / year. (Yes that is my list).



Nice to have a simple web client to permanently open searches (hashtags) and tweet for different twitter accounts.


keep it stupid simple. 😙

Sketch vector practice

Today I felt inspired and started Sketch.app to practice vector drawing. Rather unusual "work" for me. I saw the design in a youtube video, paused it and used it as the reference. This is the result: