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NameReminder post mortem

I made an app, that solves one of my problems. Apple rejected it, because of its limited usefulness. I thought that I should at least write up the details behind this project, to bring it to a close.

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01.05.18 ⑊ home, DE

The wip.chat 🚧

I really want to share this site, because it can help you to focus on one thing and ship it faster. You basically build a product in the open. Share todos, list finished items, add your products and get access to the Telegram member chat.

17.04.18 ⑊ home, DE


You know what's a fast website? When you hit ⌘+R (F5) and you don't see the flash of reloading content.

17.03.18 ⑊ home, DE


Work on your habits by ticking off every day. It helps! The price is fair at currently 12$ / year. (Yes that is my list).

26.11.17 ⑊ home, DE


Nice to have a simple webclient to permanently open searches (hashtags) and tweet for different twitter accounts.

13.11.17 ⑊ home, DE


keep it stupid simple.

02.11.17 ⑊ Bremen, DE

🚙  hamburg - bremen

distance: 132km
duration: took us 3h (way more than usual)

06.10.17 ⑊ A1, DE

You dont need JWT to authenticate users

.. because you probably have two use cases:

  1. as a user I want to invalidate a specific session, without signing out all my devices
  2. as the system I want to be able to invalidate a session immediately

You can use a whitelist to define which token is active, or a blacklist where you store tokens you wont allow. In both cases you have to save the token and look it up in your database anyway. That said, you can use a plain old random strings to look up valid sessions (and eventually the user) in the DB.

06.10.17 ⑊ A1, DE

Sketch vector practice

Today I felt inspired and started Sketch.app to practice vector drawing. Rather unusual "work" for me. Oh and I saw the design in a youtube video, paused it and used it as the reference. This is the result:

04.10.17 ⑊ hamburg, DE

one of these days ⑊ DE

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