NameReminder post mortem


I made an app to solve my own problem. It was not profit oriented. Took ~4 weeks as a side project. Apple rejected it. I thought that I should at least write up the details behind it, to bring it to a close.

The website is and it will stay online.

How does the app provide value?

This is what I would ask, but this was not important to me in the first place. The habit of writing down the name of a person I meet, was not new to me. I used Evernote or some other note-taking tool. And turning my use-case into an app was the simplest idea for my next product I could think of.

My goals were:

  1. Start and finish a new side-project in a few weeks.
  2. Add a react-native based app to my portfolio.
  3. Build momentum (← most important) by finishing another product beside react-iban and openform.

Steps involved

A short list of what it took to (not) launch an app in the Apple App Store.

Apple rejected the app because of "4.2 Minimum Functionality". Sadly I did not know that this is possible. But that is not where I stopped. I tried to trick the reviewer by adding example content into the app, so that it looks more alive on first install. Also made that the cloud backup menu-item is visible even if the user has no premium bought, to make clear that there is one more hidden feature (if someone skipped the premium feature text..).

Second try and got rejected again for the same reason.

This is also the point where I decided that the project will end. OK I'm a little bit salty about it, because I wanted to see the app in the App Store ;)


What I learned

What now

I think nevertheless all the work is a success. That is because the project finished in less than 4 weeks on the side(!) and did not take ages (which is a big problem for side-projects). It was really fun and I learned a lot new stuff building React-Native apps.

Most important for me is that I gained a huge amount of momentum, that will now translate into the next project. I shipped every day from April 3rd until April 28th (only this app) and made that into a habit. You can read the history on the project todo page.

If you have any feedback, please tell me on Twitter :)

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